The main advantage that aluminium offers the industry is its unique combination of robustness and lightness, as well as its resistance to corrosion and excellent conductivity and recyclability. As can be seen in the following graph, the use of this metal in the industry has grown enormously over the last few years.

We have distribution agreements with important international manufacturers which allow us to offer semi-finishes in high quality aluminium at competitive prices.

We have a large stock and an agile cutting service at our clients’ disposal.

Alloys supplied

  • EN AW -2011
  • EN AW -2014
  • EN AW -2017
  • EN AW -2030
  • EN AW -5083
  • EN AW -6061
  • EN AW -6063
  • EN AW -6082
  • EN AW -7022
  • EN AW -7075
  • Brief introduction to Aluminum
  • All the alloys supplied