Plastics Solutions

Additive Manufacturing

Currently, additive manufacturing not only responds to those cases in which a low-cost prototype is required immediately. Now we have the potential to manufacture fully functional parts with advanced polymers that have complex surfaces and geometries, are lighter and more efficient.

Manufacture of industrial parts

Over recent decades, the design of many components has been constrained by their manufacturing method (machining, moulding, injection), which defines both the geometry and the look and feel of the final part. This issue can be resolved with additive manufacturing.

The adaptation of engineering areas to the new reality is essential, with the unlearning of paradigms strongly instilled in our design processes. At Bronymec, we have overcome these traditional restrictions to focus solely on performance.

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    Design (DfAM)

  • Simulation
  • Optimisation
  • Design
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  • Prototyping
  • 3D Nesting
  • Mass production
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  • Automated cleaning
  • Different textures and colours
  • Hybrid Additive-Machining manufacturing
  • Functional finishes

We choose the best design for each application

Advantages of additive manufacturing

The growing knowledge of the capabilities of this technology, together with the continuous evolution of digital simulation and design tools, is allowing accurate, lightweight and geometrically complex parts to be obtained at levels unimaginable in other manufacturing technologies.

  • Virtual inventories: from completed part stores to storing digital files manufacturable in 24/48 hours.
  • By means of structural modifications, we can influence the mechanical response of the final part: flexibility, stiffness, thermal/electrical conductivity or dissipation of impact forces, among others.
  • Total design freedom.
  • Immediacy: we go from weeks to hours.
  • From single parts to thousands of parts.
  • Costly moulds or tools are not required.

Luma Service

Luma Service is an engineering service, the aim of which is to design lightweight parts that guarantee efficiency and cost reduction, both economically and in terms of energy.

Luma is Basque for “feather”. The feather is a very light biological material, made up of an unusual combination of structural characteristics that enable a perfect balance between lightness, stiffness, and strength.

Luma Service has been conceived to offer industry lightweight designs. We seek more efficient designs by providing solely the necessary material in the right place.

The rest is inefficient: unnecessary weight that incurs excess energy costs, avoidable consumption of plastic material and over dimensioned elements that generate excessive loads on the production equipment.


Technical advice on Additive Manufacturing

We make our extensive experience available to our customers when selecting the right polymer for each application. We have simulation tools, where we have included the characterization of our range of polymers, in order to obtain accurate and reliable results.