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Their heterogeneous structure, anisotropic mechanical and thermal behaviour, as well as the normal abrasive nature of some of their components, make machining a composite a great challenge.

At Bronymec, we have developed a machining service that is specifically for composites and that is constantly evolving.

Advantages of composites

Composite materials made up of two or more elements which allow the combined properties of both constituents to be obtained.

  • ligereza-icono

    Lightweight parts with high mechanical properties

  • aislamiento-icono

    Excellent electrical and thermal insulation

  • anticorrosion-icono

    They are highly resistant to corrosion

Among all the possible combinations, we have specialised in fibre reinforced plastics (FRP). They are obtained from our wide range of composite materials, the most used in industry, by combining different matrices and reinforcements:

Polymer Matrix Fiber Reinforcement
Epoxy (EP) Glass fiber (GC)
Phenolic (PF) Glass Mat (GM)
Unsatured Polyester (UP) Cellulose Paper (CP)
Silicon (SI) Cotton (CC)
Polymide (PI) Mica (MP)
Melamine (MF) Carbon fiber (CF)

Technical advice on composite plastics

Manufacture of insulating and/or structural parts

We can manufacture lightweight parts with optimal mechanical properties from composites. They offer excellent electrical and thermal insulation in addition to high stiffness and mechanical strength.

We are specialists in resolving complex technical challenges in the field of electrical and thermal insulation.

We have, furthermore, a large stock of plates, bars and tubes that allows us to offer a fast response to the needs of the market.

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Applications of composites

The advantages that composite materials offer has led to an increase in their use in different sectors, especially due to their excellent electrical/thermal insulation properties and to their high strength-to-weight ratio. In addition to their traditional use in sectors such as electrical, steel and those industries with high thermal requirements, new industries have adopted the design of their components to new and advanced composites.

Insulating parts for industry

Aplicaciones de los composites en la industria ferroviaria


Aplicaciones de los composites en la industria eólica


Aplicaciones de los composites en la industria


Aplicaciones de los composites en la industria electrónica


GLASTECH: Materials specially designed for the railway sector

At Bronymec, we have extended our range of plastic and composite materials that are especially designed for the railway sector. All the materials of the Glastech family are tested and meet different requirements of standard EN 45545-2.


Technical advice on composites


Composite Experts

We make our extensive experience available to our customers when selecting the right polymer for each application. We have simulation tools, where we have included the characterization of our range of polymers, in order to obtain accurate and reliable results.