Plastics Solutions

Polymer machining

Thanks to over 25 years’ experience and the knowledge of the potential of our range of materials, we have developed a specific thermoplastic and composite machining service.

The constant commitment to innovation, together with the technical support programmes, allows us to offer precision machining adapted to the needs of each application.

Machined parts

Knowing the structure of our materials helps us to create a specific process for each part, through the adjustment of the machining parameters to the mechanical properties of the materials.

Herramientas de CAM avanzado y mecanizado en 5 ejes continuos


We use advanced CAM tools and continuous 5 axis machining.

Automatización de


We have robotic systems for our processes: turning, milling and auxiliary processes.

La metrología permite corregir


The in-process metrology control allows us to adapt machining parameters to the process variations such as tool wear or thermal effects.

We choose the best option for each application

Machining service

We work with production means that are constantly evolving; 90% of our CNC machinery is less than 10 years old and 40% less than 4. We rely on top-of-the-line production equipment, which gives us appreciable improvements in productivity, repeatability and precision.

Centros de mecanizado

Machining centres

  • MAZAK VTC 800
  • MAZAK VX J600
  • MATSURA MX-330
  • MAZAK VTC 300
  • MAZAK VCS 530
  • KONDIA B1050
  • KONDIA A10
Tornos para el mecanizado


  • CMZ TA-30
  • CMZ YZ640
Fresadoras, servicios de mecanizado

Milling machines

  • CMI
  • DYNESTIC 7532

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Metrology control

We have brought the metrology control processes to the machining location and time. We understand that dimensional control systems not only ensure that the manufactured component meets the specifications. Therefore, we do not wait for the final control, but we incorporate metrology tools into the machining process, which allows us, on the one hand, to anticipate possible deviations and, on the other, to understand in more detail the outcome of variations in the machining strategies and parameters.

Control metrológico


Technical advice on Polymer Machining

We make our extensive experience available to our customers when selecting the right polymer for each application. We have simulation tools, where we have included the characterization of our range of polymers, in order to obtain accurate and reliable results.