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Plavis™ Polyimides

The Plavis™ polyimide family has a unique chemical structure that provides properties that no other polymer has been able to match.

Advantages of polyimides

Plavis™ polyimides offer excellent creep resistance, including at very high temperatures, ultra-low outgassing, excellent resistance to wear, in applications with or without lubrication, and excellent mechanical resistance to impact.

  • Thermal resistance
  • Machinability
  • Radiation resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Dielectric strength
  • Ultra-low outgassing
  • Chemical resistance
  • Creep resistance
  • Isostatically moulded
PLAVISN / N1 (SP1) Unfilled Base Resin Excellent physical properties and high resistance to radiation, electrical. Thermal properties,Low water release and excellent chemical resistance.
PLAVIS G15 (SP21) 15 wt%, Graphite High abrasion resistance and low coefficient of friction, rotation of rotary machine parts.
PLAVIS G40 (SP22) 40 wt% Graphite Improved friction resistance against G15 and high dimensional stability.
PLAVIS MS (SP3) 15 wt%, MoS2 Available in vacuum or non-lubrication environments, with high abrasion resistance.
PLAVIS ESD - Filler Excellent antistatic property, heat resistance and mechanical properties (10⁶~9 Ω/□).
PLAVIS C (SP202) Filler Excellent electrical conductivity, heat resistance and mechanical properties (surface resistance <10³ Ω/□).
PLAVIS S (SCP5000) Unfilled Base Resin It has the best heat resistance (continuous use temperature> 350 ºC), high temperature. Mechanical strength, Plasma resistance, Good workability.
PLAVIS S1 - Unfilled Base Resin Excellent machinability, dimensional stability and laser cleaning stability. Suitable for test sockets in semiconductor industry.
PLAVIS SG (SCP5050) Filler Very high strength and dimensional stability at high temperatures. Suitable for carriers or handling parts in high temperature processes.

Technical advice on polyimides

Applications of polyimides

As the technical requirements for applications in the most cutting-edge sectors become increasingly extreme (conditions such as strength at very high and very low temperatures, high accuracies that require materials with high dimensional stability, chemical resistance to a wide variety of chemical agents, or high thermal, electrical and magnetic insulation requirements), the development of high performance synthetic materials that respond to these challenges is increasingly necessary.

Industries where the use of Plavis™ polyimides have been tested with success

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Aplicaciones de los composites en la industria ferroviaria


Aplicaciones de los poliimidas Plavis en la industria del vidrio

Glass industry

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Components in hydrogen flow control systems

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Cryogenic applications

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High vacuum applications

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Solar Industry

Technical advice on polyimides


Experts in polyimides

We make our extensive experience available to our customers when selecting the appropriate polymer for each application. We have included the specifications of our range of polymers in our simulation tools, with the aim of obtaining accurate and reliable results.