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Engineering Plastics

The notable evolution of the plastics materials industry has facilitated the appearance of a wide range of polymers and additives that offer very diverse mechanical, tribological and thermal properties.

At Bronymec, we have been focusing on those thermoplastics that are categorised as engineering plastics, advanced materials and imidized polymers.

Advantages of thermoplastics

Plastics materials are increasingly replacing traditional metal alloys. The main reasons for this transition include:

  • Lighter weight

  • Longer useful life of the part

  • No lubrication needed

  • Less wear of parts in contact

  • Detectability

  • Greater resistance to corrosion and wear

  • Less noise

We select the best solution for each application

The right material in the right place

The knowledge of the structure of our materials helps us to advise our customers in the selection of the optimal thermoplastic for each application, bearing in mind the necessary technical conditions.

During the last 25 years, we have developed a service that specialises in the machining of plastic materials.

We have, furthermore, a large stock of plates, bars and tubes that allows us to offer a fast response to the needs of the market.

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Applications of thermoplastics

The excellent properties that advanced plastics offer for engineering has extended the use of thermoplastics to many different sectors.

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Experts in Engineering Plastics

We make our extensive experience available to our customers when selecting the right polymer for each application. We have simulation tools, where we have included the characterization of our range of polymers, in order to obtain accurate and reliable results.